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Just a little update on what is going on in my life ❤

Enjoy a little backstory on the year that is 2022!!


I graduated from Western Sydney University studying a Bachelor of Communications on April 27 and was the proudest achievement I have accomplished during my education experience. However, my degree was not in use when I received my first full-time role which will be explained later on in this blog. I was able to graduate with the lovely friends and colleagues I have made during my 3 years of studying. On the bright side, I did put my photography/videography editing skills to use when I created my Instagram page ‘Thefilmreviewer24’ which will also be further explained.

Full Time Work

On March 31, I started my very first full-time role at a television network working on booking in commercials for their various sports that go to air on television. I worked on booking in free/paid activity for clients/sponsors, accompanying in revenue checks and making sure that all data and information is up-to-date. As this role was related to sales and making sure each sponsor/client has enough money to run their ads, I did not find it enjoyable as it was not related to my field of study which was film. Although I found the role not as enjoyable as I have hoped, I did get a taste of what it was like working full-time and the etiquetticy used in office environments. As I was contracted on probationary period meaning that the manager was overlooking my performance to see if I can successfully pass the probation period and work as a permanent full-time worker.

During that period, because I was at a very junior level in the company and had just come out of university not knowing a thing about the sales industry, I felt really pressured to impress both managers in sport sales to try and prove my skills and knowledge of the role to progress in working at the company permanently. However, I was spoken to constantly about mistakes that I have been making and what I need to improve upon. Receiving feedback is great as it can make me into a better worker but as an individual who knows nothing about sales and is trying their hardest to learn more about the role, I felt that I had to leave ASAP and was not happy for the whole 3 months I had been working there.

Fortunately, in July, the manager and I had a chat about my progression in the role and told me that it wasn’t the right role for and she hasn’t seen any improvement since the last time we spoke which was a week prior to the final catch-up. That was definitely NOT enough time to improve on the multiple mistakes that were mentioned. So I ended my contract with the company which took a massive weight off of my shoulders and felt a huge relief knowing that I didn’t have to work in a company that I felt very out of place at.


In February, my sister came up with a fantastic plan to create an Instagram page where I can post reviews on my favourite film and TV shows. As I am a fanatic of the film industry, creating film/TV review posts was the best idea my sister came up with. The first review I posted was a Netflix original film called ‘Through My Window’ which was based off a Wattpad story. From then on, I had constantly been uploading reviews on films and TV series that are trending, upcoming and released in cinemas or on streaming services. I am currently sitting on 122 followers (not that many but still better than nothing) with a total of 151 posts. In the future, I plan to create a podcast in relation to my Instagram page where I communicate to audiences about upcoming films and TV shows and my thoughts and opinions about them.

Taking a break from work

During my time off of work, I have enjoyed travelling places with my family, going out for lunch and dinner as well as catching up with one of greatest friends which I have missed doing for 3 months. However, during this time, I had been applying for full-time work in industries that is more up my ally and something that I will be happy with and enjoy going to work everyday to. But it is also very difficult to find work in social media because there is so little jobs out there in that industry. I have never given up and to this day I am constantly searching for work hoping to have something by the beginning of next year. Anyways, during my break I had kept up to date with my Instagram page uploading different reviews (if not everyday, then on weekends). I also started back up with my workout routine and had enjoyed every bit of it knowing that I finally had the time to not rush them and take my time in completing the workout in full.

Casual Work

Whilst I am searching for full-time work, I have been searching for casual jobs to keep me busy as well as earning a bit of money on the side which is great. At first, the thought of working casually seemed like a joke to me, knowing that I had previously worked full-time and now working casually which seemed a bit weird. But everyone in my family made a really great point of keeping my mind and body busy but can also search for full-time work in the meantime. As a result of this, I now work as a Christmas casual at JB HI FI and Peter Alexander which I am very grateful for as I have wanted to work in retail for a while.

  • That is my life up until now, where I am currently working two casual jobs earning some bucks and living life the way I want it whilst looking for full-time work.




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