Filming in a nutshell

Last Friday (14–5–2021) we wrapped up filming for ‘Is Cereal A Soup?’ in regards to a class project for my unit TV Productions 1. We spent the day filming episodes 2 and 3 making sure every take was spot on. However, we had to do multiple takes as there were a few mess ups but we also needed backup footage in the case of editing in post-production.

Each student undertook a specific role in the process of filming. My roles were outlined as vision switcher operator as well as editor for episode 2. As a vision switcher, your role is to switch between multiple cameras in a live broadcasting event. This could include news reports, a live performance in a show or a sporting event that is live. The director calls out the cues in which the vision switcher operator has to cut to a certain camera in order to capture the appropriate shot. Below is an image of myself operating the vision switcher in episode 2.

As part of episode 3, I had the role of operating camera 1 that is capturing the two guests on the left hand side of the panel. I was also on COMS listening to the director’s instructions of what guest had to go into a certain shot. For instance, the director wanted a two shot that being I had to capture the two guests in frame. Another example could be a close up of the guests to capture their facial expression whilst they are talking. Below is an image of myself operating camera 1.



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amy bujcevski

I love and enjoy the process of filmmaking from pre-production to post-production. Aspiring film-editor and my goal is to work with film editors in the USA